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PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 5:10 pm 
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We've been getting a lot of calls and emails lately from people that have purchased their watches abroad, but want (or even demand from) us to answer their questions and provide support and service. Or their shipment from a dealer abroad and watch have been seized by US CBP and they want us to intervene on their behalf.

While we'd love to help, we have to focus on our customers, those who have purchased watches directly from us or our authorized resellers here in the US.

To help clarify the issue, I have put together a few thoughts below.

Authorized Resellers

A Reseller is authorized by the manufacturer to provide sales and service in a specific region or territory. Basically to take care of the local customers on behalf of the manufacturer.

They receive training and information and keep inventory so they can assist their customers; the combination of the product and sales/service channel maintains customer satisfaction. This investment by the individual reseller is financed with the profits on their sale of the watches.

Resellers are not supposed to sell outside their territory, because they wouldn't be able to provide the same level of service and support a local reseller could provide, which impacts the customer experience and customer satisfaction.

So when you buy from a reseller abroad, you pay them for their services. Why not use them? You already paid them for it, right? Why not get something back for your money?

Because it is easier to get local support in the same timezone and language? Less hassle?

If all that money flows out of the country, your local reseller can no longer afford to keep staff employed and provide local sales and service. Have you thought about that? You get what you pay for!

"But it seems cheaper to purchase abroad" is usually what I hear.

Why does it seem cheaper?

Sometimes, authorized resellers can't sell the number of watches they signed up for in a given year.

Rather than risking to lose the authorization or to tie up their money in inventory they can't move, they might sell watches to other dealers and resellers that aren't authorized. This is usually done at little to no profit and commonly referred to as "gray market".

Another source for "gray market" watches is dealerships that go out of business. Inventory is auctioned off or sold, often below cost.

While this may seem like a great source for low priced timepieces, you need to understand that this comes at a cost to you, specifically that there is no support and no warranty on these gray market pieces.

But is it really cheaper?

A dealer in Europe that is exporting the watch to the US can reclaim taxes like VAT and fees once the watch leaves the EU. That amount can be between 19% and 27%, depending on the country.

This is extra profit for the dealer, or he can use this to offset his price and sell to the US at a lower price than what a local customer pays. That's why they can offer the same watch for less to customers in the US.

But you, the customer, are now responsible for all customs duties, taxes and fees related to the import of the watch into the US.

You may even get lucky that your shipment arrives without any customs duties, brokerage fees etc. because it slipped through the system. On the other hand, your shipment may get intercepted by US CBP, held up or even seized because your dealer/shipper is not authorized to import these watches into the US.

Now what if there is a problem with the watch?

You will have to email or call them and ultimately pay to send the watch back to the dealer abroad; and insured shipments to Europe aren't cheap, as you will find out the hard way.

The watch enters European customs again. All of the duties and fees the dealer cashed in on at the time of export now apply again as it is imported. Maybe even brokerage fees if your carries uses customs brokers. And you as the shipper have to take care of those!

All of a sudden, the money you thought you'd saved (and more) is spent.

And please, don't blame the manufacturer (or even us).

The system of authorized, local resellers is in place exactly to avoid these issues.

But by knowingly bypassing a local, authorized reseller, you accept that you won't get the same level of service and support in exchange for what seems to be a lower price. Quite a risk, if you ask me.

So why not do it right?

All of our watches have been officially imported (in fact, we are the only authorized US Importer for Marcello C. watches); all taxes, duties and fees have been paid.

The price you see from us or our authorized resellers here in the US is the price you pay. No hidden fees, no separate customs invoice or brokerage fees.

We keep local inventory at hand and if you purchase from us, you will receive your new watch quickly, often overnight.

It will be tested and inspected before it leaves our shop and you may appreciate that is has been set to your local time, so you can start wearing it the moment you receive it.

If you ever need help or have questions, we're only an email or a phone call away and by being in the Mountain Time zone, we've got you covered.

We can take care of most service related issues right here in our shop, but if the watch ever needs to go back to Germany, we'll take care of everything.

No additional cost or fees on warranty related issues for our customers, we'll take care of it. Peace of mind.

That's why we have a reputation for quality and excellent service that goes back 10 years now.

We pay taxes, so your purchase helps us keep jobs and the economy going here in the US.

Is it worth is?

You decide.

I only ask one favor: if you decide to purchase abroad, don't expect us to take time away from our customers to answer your questions, intervene with US CBP on a shipment to you that they have seized and plan to auction off or destroy, take care of any warranty issue for you or on your behalf or help you out with service, support, parts etc.

And if you call us to get all of your pre-sales questions answered by us, but than proceed to purchase from a low price dealer abroad that can't or won't help with your questions, but seems to have a lower price.... remember, there is something called "Karma"!


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